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Kathleen Spracklen

Eugene, Oregon

Monday, 5:42 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I am Kathleen Spracklen, author of the book Writing with Emotion and the creator of the Kathleen Spracklen Letter. I want to begin by saying ...

You are very important to me!


I hope we will come to know each other, but even before that happens, I already know that we have something in common. We both care deeply about our readers. We want to reach them on an emotional level and lift them up.

I wrote created my newsletter to do just that, to help you—strike a cord in your reader's heart.

For this reason, I have put together a collection of resources that should help you...

  • Minimize the time it will take to begin writing with emotion.

  • Grasp essential terminology.

  • ​Go as deep as you want in exactly the areas where YOU want to go more deeply.

The first resource I want to give you is...


I'm going to give you FREE access to this multi-part video course!

In just a moment, you will have access to this course, for free, forever.

Masterclass for Writing with Emotion contains content that has been offered for free on YouTube in my 35-week course. You are welcome to join that class at any time.

If you don't have 35 weeks to spare right now, this masterclass will provide the best possible introduction to my book: Writing with Emotion, so you can get much of the benefit of that course without the investment of 35 weeks of your life.

In the masterclass, I give you a guided tour of the book with:

  • You'll get the backstory to go with each topic in the book so you will confidently deliver your emotion-packed message to your readers.

  • ​You'll find references to the page numbers in the book so you can zero in on the content precisely where you want extra depth.

  • You'll be pointed to key take-aways so you can begin to use this material without delay.

So you will be on top of this material in no time.

And the best part...

In Case You Get Stuck

There's a Discussion Area

I'll be Watching for Any Questions You May Have

Remember when I said at the top of this letter that I'm hoping to get to know you.

Well, I meant it. If you have questions about the book, or you just want to chat about a certain section, there is a private comment area where our conversation can take place.

You want to hep your reader, and I want to help you do just that.

That means, I want you to be able to understand the material in the book and be able to see where it fits into your work.

So, ask your question. Make your comment. You won't be ignored.

The answer to why I'm giving this away for free is simple...

I Want You to Use this Information

So, I'm giving you some additional resources.

The second resource I want to give you is...

A Taxonomy of the Character Traits and Their Related Emotions

These reference sheets are print-ready ... (extra credit if you neuro-imprint them by writing them out by hand, instead of printing them.)

They give you a quick reference when you are trying to recall the meaning of a given character trait and the three emotions associated with it.

The third resource I want to give you is...

Direct Links into a course lessons on the Character Traits

This 16-Page document is a set of Links into the 35-Lesson course where I cover these character traits in great detail. This reference is digital in nature. It provides a pair of links for every character trait (all 28 of the traits!).

1) You will get a Link to the Scenarios so that, with a single click, you get to experience the desired character trait in action.

2) You will get a Link to the Analysis Discussion where, with a single click, you can hear all about how the character trait works in action.

This reference list lets you have all the the advantages of the 35-Lesson course, with its depth and comprehensive coverage for ANY character trait that especially interests you, WITHOUT having to go through ALL character traits to get to the one you want to investigate more deeply.

Here's a picture of the front cover of that pdf.

The fourth resource I want to give you is...

A WRITER'S Workshop With

Victoria Crowder and Quentin Pain


Early in my 35-lesson course, I was amazed to see renowned copywriter and founder of the International Copywriters Association, Quentin Pain not only enrolled in my class but actively engaging with the material.

Soon after, I discovered that novelist Victoria Crowder, author and creator of Zettelkasten for Fiction: Where Imagination Finds Order, had also joined my course. Victoria has been actively teaching writing at the university level for 15 years.

All I was trying to do with my course was to help busy writer-moms create coherent stories across the tiny fragments of time they had available to write.

Now I was hearing Quentin Pain say to me, "I have read just about every book on writing there is and there is nothing like this out there."

How could it be that I, whose only publications have been in computer science and psychology, have something to teach these skilled writers?

When I asked them if they would be willing to share how they use the material I teach, they both readily agreed. The recording of our conversation is this workshop.

After watching this workshop, you will know how you can use the concepts taught in Writing with Emotion to radically enhance your own writing.

The fifth resource I want to give you is...

A One-on-One Coaching Call with Me, Kathleen Spracklen

This is your chance to have your questions answered in a 1-on-1 coaching call. How will you use emotions in your writing? What are your writing goals and challenges?

We will explore these questions as we explore your current writing processes and goals.

So let's gather together all the resources that I want to place in your hands FOR FREE.

Here they are:

You get...

  1. Writing with Emotion Video Masterclass

  2. Taxonomy of the Character Traits

  3. Deep Dive into the Character Traits (a PDF "link sheet")

  4. Workshop with Victoria Crowder and Quentin Pain

  5. ​Coaching Call with me, Kathleen Spracklen

I am giving you instant access to all five of these resources—for free—because I want you to have a seamless bridge between your first interest in what I teach and your first action steps toward using it.

I want you to use these principles to transform your writing.

Watch the workshop first. It's highly motivational. It provides the "why" for all the information I present.

Then go through the Masterclass. Let the Masterclass introduce each section before you read it. -or- Go to exactly the section that puzzles you. (There are page number references so you can quickly relate the Masterclass material to the specific pages in the book.)

Hold on to the reference sheets (Gifts #2 and #3) for now. They will become valuable to you when you get to the last section of the Masterclass on the Library of Character Traits.

Schedule your free 1-on-1 coaching call with me whenever you feel inspired to do so.

So why am I giving you all of this?!

I'm doing it for two reasons.

1) I want you to engage with this material immediately.

The sooner you take your first action step to work with this book, the more likely it is that you will actually derive the benefits of the book. (The workshop is fun, rewarding, engaging and energizing. It's a great place to start.)

2) I want you to give my physical monthly newsletter a try.

Once you catch on to what the book has to offer, you'll be hooked on it. It is absolutely fascinating because it peels back what's behind human motivation.

But what's behind the book goes even deeper. It's my fascination. That's what I want to share with you each month in my newsletter where I mine the intersection of psychology, theology, and philosophy to unearth the fundamental motivations of human behavior.

I don't just want to write about it, I want to discuss it with you in a private community with exclusive access just for subscribers to my newsletter.

I want you to have the resources. I want you to give the newsletter a try.

If the newsletter and the gathering space don't work out for you. That's okay. I still want you to have the resources. So those are yours to keep FOREVER.

Your subscription to The Kathleen Spracklen Letter also comes with...

Membership in


LiLLiPub is a magical gathering space for readers, writers, authors, booksellers, and anyone with a fascination for physical books and small, intimate places to buy them.

LiLLiPub is short for: A Lilliputian Publishing Co-op

I have a public circle on LiLLiPub for all those who have taken my 35-week course or who are engaging with the weekly classes I am now offering. It is also open to anyone who has read my book. I am active on the site.

(Quentin Pain and Victoria Crowder also have circles on LiLLiPub.)

The members of LiLLiPub call ourselves LiLLigans.

You get the LiLLigan Lifestyle for FREE with your paid subscription to my newsletter.

You also get access to my private circle on LiLLiPub, which is exclusive to subscribers to my newsletter. You'll get to experience that with your trial subscription, as well.



It's just a trial subscription and you get all this...

  1. Masterclass for Writing with Emotion

  2. Taxonomy of the Character Traits

  3. Deep Dive into the Character Traits (a PDF "link sheet") Value

  4. Workshop with Victoria Crowder and Quentin Pain

  5. ​Coaching Call with me, Kathleen Spracklen

You get all of this, for free, with a 1-month trial of The Kathleen Spracklen Letter.

The regular price of a subscription is $48/mo., however, I'm giving you a 1-month trial for free. Your first issue will be shipped on the 1st of the month.

All I ask is that you cover the shipping & materials cost of $9 for the first issue today.

And remember: If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, you can cancel your subscription instantly (and still keep all five resources for free).

Does that sound good to you?


Here's a summary of everything you get...

Get All Five Resources For Free, Plus a Free 1-Month Trial of

The Kathleen Spracklen Letter

  • Masterclass for Writing with Emotion 

  • Taxonomy of the Character Traits

  • Deep Dive into the Character Traits

  • Workshop with Victoria Crowder and Quentin Pain

  • One-on-One Coaching Call with Me, Kathleen Spracklen

You Pay...

Just $9!

(Shipping & Materials Cost)

You will receive an email with instant access to all five products.

You will also receive a FREE 1-month trial of The Kathleen Spracklen Letter, an ink-and-paper publication shipped on the 1st day of each month. All I ask is that you pay the shipping & materials cost of $9 for your first issue today.

After your free 1-month trial of The Kathleen Spracklen Letter ends, your subscription will proceed automatically at its regular price of $48/month.

You can cancel at any time and still keep all five resources for free.

Get ready for a deep understanding of human emotion!

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When will I receive the newsletter?

Each issue of The Kathleen Spracklen Letter is sent to the print shop on the first business day of the month.

For instance, if you started your trial on July 15th, your first issue will be sent to the print shop on August 1st (assuming August 1st is a business day).

The print shop takes 1-2 business days to print, package, and ship your issue.

For U.S. customers: Your issue will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (it takes 1-3 business days to arrive).

For International customers: Your issue will be shipped——with love and care——via standard mail (and takes 3-6 weeks to arrive).

If you ever have any questions about your order, I want you to email me personally at I will take care of you.

Why $9?

This covers the cost of shipping and materials. I don't skimp out on quality. The type of paper I use is thick 60 lb opaque paper.

What happens if you increase the subscription price?

Don't worry; the price you get in at today is what you'll pay forever even if I increase the price in the future. However, the rate you get today ($48/mo.) is the rate you'll pay forever. You're "grandfathered in," as they say.

If I cancel can I resubscribe later on?

Yes, but you will come back at whatever price per month is in effect at the time of your resubscription. Once you cancel, you are no longer "grandfathered in" at the lower price.

Do you offer any refunds?

No, that defeats the purpose of the free trial. The reason I offer a 1-month free trial is to give you a taste of what you'll get. Still, if you're unhappy, I'm unhappy! - which is why you can cancel your subscription anytime by phone or email. Full contact details are found below.

Any other questions?


Great. Then I look forward to your subscription.

I allocate 50% percent of all profits to launching LiLLiPub - A Lilliputian Publishing Co-op.

My mission is to serve writers, thinkers, and teachers who are committed to changing the world one character at a time.



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